Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 4: Feed a Child

Cher is helping paint a mural at the San Juan Church.
Today, the clinic was open to the villagers. When we arrived at the school there was a line of folks waiting in eager anticipation of the medical team's arrival. We set up quickly and hit the ground running. Some family groups were as large as 8. We saw everything from colds to diabetic neuropathy.

As a first-timer to Belize, I went to the Feed A Child Center. The program was started years ago in an effort to combat some of the malnutrition that the children suffered from in some of the village. The children wash their hands, sing and pray before being served lunch. The missions team was also fed a delicious meal of black beans and rice, chicken and fried plantain. In the sanctuary area, a mural was being painted by two mission volunteers.
Lunch time at the Feed-A-Child Center.

The children's team played with children and continued more of their VBS program. The construction team did more of the same, preparing the mission site by laying down a floor in one of the existing huts.

Show and tell included Paul showing us an actual cashew fruit and a fresh cacao fruit. The cashew is a fruit where the seed of the fruit grows on the outside of the plant. The nuts we eat is the actual seed from the plant. He also pointed out iguanas and told us the best way to capture an iguana and keep it safely until it's time to prepare it for a meal.

The people here have been so gracious, kind and appreciative of us. It truly is a blessing to be able to serve.

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