Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 3: Getting the Flow Down

Belize Day 3

I'm tired, but I think so is the whole team . We got off to an early start today. After our breakfast and morning worship, we headed to the school. Being our second day, we were more adept at organizing the rooms and triaging the patients. It flowed well today. The medical team saw adult and pediatric patients, with complaints ranging from hypertension to cough. Some children had complaints that were beyond our scope of care, requiring non-emergent surgery, others required complicated wound debridement. I really enjoyed team members's flexibility and willing to make do with the limited resources available to us.

VBS Puppet show.
The children's team entertained the children with puppets, balloons and songs. Children were able to hear of Jesus' love for them and see the team members in action. I felt the children were most engaged during puppet time and in the action songs.

The construction team was filthy by day's end. They repaired benches, built soccer goals and removed stumps to make way for a suitable soccer field for the children.

On the ride back, Paul shared stories of his early missionary days. It an inspiration to hear someone willing to sacrifice to share the gospel. When Paul started, his goal was to disciple 12 men. Through that vision and almost 25 years of missionary work, iServants has planted 53 churches and has about 12,000 members attending church on a weekly basis.

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